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Img 6321 bring your presentation to life with a professional projector and screen rental
Ultra-short focus laser projector

Give your next presentation the “big screen” treatment with a professional projector and 4K screen rental from Projector rentals. Here are the highlights of our Laser projector rental options:

  • 4000 lumens of brightness – Our Epson laser projectors provide ultra-bright images, even in well-lit rooms. The 4000 lumen brightness level ensures your audience can clearly see your slides and videos.
  • Full HD resolution – With 1920 x 1200 resolution, your content will be displayed with sharp, crisp image quality that does justice to your creative visuals.
  • 4K compatibility – While the projector itself provides Full HD, we offer a 4K-compatible model so you can connect and display content from 4K devices like laptops and smartphones. Your 4K images and videos will be downscaled and displayed at their best possible resolution.
  • Premium laser light source – Our laser projectors use a strong, reliable laser light source that provides up to 20,000 hours of use. There are no lamp replacements needed, ensuring your projector will perform consistently throughout your presentation.
  • Pull 4K screen rental – We offer rental of an ultra-high definition 4K screen with stretch fabric that provides wide viewing angles, vibrant colors, and a flat surface for a professional setup.
Img 6326 bring your presentation to life with a professional projector and screen rental
Laser projector with 4k screen

With our professional-grade projector and screen rentals, you can transform any space into an exciting venue for your next presentation, product launch, training session, or meeting. Contact us today to book your projector and screen rental.We look forward to helping you make an impression through dynamic, large-format visuals.

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