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Are you planning an event and looking to create an ultra-large, cinema-like experience? Renting the Epson 15K laser projector along with a massive 300″ projection screen is a great way to wow your audience. In this blog post, I’ll provide key details on the Epson 15K projector, why it’s a top choice for large venue projection, and what’s included in a rental package with a 300″ screen.

Img 6739 renting the epson 15k laser projector and 300" screen for your event
15k laser projector & 300”screen

About the Epson 15K Laser Projector:

The Epson Pro L15000U is Epson’s flagship install laser projector, engineered for large venues that need an extremely bright, large-scale image. Key features include:

15,000 lumens of color brightness and 15,000 lumens of white brightness, making it among the brightest projectors on the market. Provides ample light for projecting on massive screens even in venues with some ambient light.

Native 4K resolution for ultra-sharp image quality. The latest 4K Enhancement Technology further improves clarity.

Laser light source that provides up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. No lamps to replace makes this projector reliable and cost-effective.

Interchangeable lens options to accommodate various throw distances and venue setups. Lenses can be switched quickly and easily.

Flexible setup configurations including 360° installation and portrait mode. Can adapt to creative projection mapping projects.

Img 6754 renting the epson 15k laser projector and 300" screen for your event
Epson 15k laser projector

Why Choose the Epson 15K for Large Events:

With its exceptional brightness, 4K resolution, and laser technology, the Epson 15K delivers jaw-dropping images that will captivate audiences at large events and in big spaces. The brightness allows the projector to fill screens up to 600″ with color accuracy and uniformity. It’s a top choice for:

Concerts, award shows, and other live events in arena and auditorium settings
Product launches and corporate events in convention centers and ballrooms
Large-scale projected displays in museums, theme parks, and projection mapping installations
Renting the Epson 15K with a 300″ Screen:

Renting the Epson 15K along with a massive 300″ projection screen creates a big-screen spectacle perfect for major events and audiences 1,000+ people. Here’s what’s included in a typical rental package:

Epson Pro L15000U Laser Projector
300″ Diagonal 16:9 or 4:3 Projection Screen
Cables, power distro, rigging hardware
Delivery, setup, and strike
Technical support before and during event
Having the screen included ensures the optimal pairing with the projector for the best image quality. With screen sizes that big, the technical details like weave type and gain factor make a visible difference. Leave those details to the professionals!

Photoroom 20230915 124750 renting the epson 15k laser projector and 300" screen for your event
300” screen

Whether it’s a concert, gala, convention or other large event, the Epson 15K laser projector paired with a 300″ screen creates a truly cinematic experience. The massive, bright projected image leaves audiences in awe. Contact our team today to learn more about renting this state-of-the-art projection system for your next event!